Father Shot While Shielding His Kids From Gunfire

Father Shot While Shielding His Kids From Gunfire

A New York City father was shot while trying to shield his three kids from a spray of bullets inside a Bronx used car dealership. The father however survived the shooting.

According to police, a 39-year-old man and his children were at a used car dealership at about 7:20am Monday when shots were fired.

The man was waiting in the lobby area of the dealership to make his purchase and brought his kids to help him choose a car. But before they can decide on which car to buy, goons pulled up and started shooting.

The glass doors behind them suddenly shattered in the barrage of gunfire. A gunman can be seen running up and firing through an open glass door. Then, the father jumped into action and quickly scooped his three children and tucked them under him.

A few seconds later, another door explodes, sending shards of glass raining down on the couch where they just sitting. The dad eventually made his escape –  by slowly crawling away with his children.

Luckily he wasn’t fatally shot, nor were the kids unharmed – at least physically. The dad was struck in the thigh however, police said and medics rushed him to Jacobi Medical Center for treatment.

Police believe the shooting was gang-related. According to them, a gang member was doing business in the dealership when, a rival, opened fire. But the father of three was not the gunman’s target.

Father Shot While Shielding His Kids From Gunfire Inside Bronx Car Dealership


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