Lord Jamar Squashes Longtime Beef With Eminem

Lord Jamar & Eminem Mariah End Their Longtime Beef, Thanks To Royce Da 5’9

Lord Jamar and Eminem have been feuding for years now and it thankfully, they’re finally putting their differences aside. Over the years, shots have been fired on interviews, podcast sessions and on songs.

Nickle recently connected with the Godcast host, as well as co-hosts Rah Digga and Godfrey to clear the air and find some common ground after having issues with Lord Jamar.

In the video, Eminem’s longtime friend and collaborator Royce Da 5’9, revealed he helped facilitate what was essentially an end to Lord Jamar and the Detroit legend’s beef.

During the conversation, Jamar took a moment to address the elephant in the room. “For the record, now that all this Vlad shit is done,” Jamar said, “tell your boy Marshall, you know — we good.”

Royce Da 5’9 was a bit surprised about the revelation. “He’ll like to hear that,” Royce said with a smile on his face. “Remember, I was telling you last we spoke, he told me to tell you ‘what up.’ But he especially told me to tell the Queen what up.”

“He said ‘yeah man, tell him I said I’m off that, man.’ And he was also like ‘yo, you’re going to go see Rah?! Tell her what up!’ He’s like a little kid, man. Same little kid from back when.”

Lord Jamar also vowed to stop granting interviews to DJ Vlad after the YouTube personality was called out for misquoting minister Louis Farrakhan last month.


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