Sevyn Streeter – HMU

With the air of female-driven hit singles like Meg Thee Stallion’s “Savage” remix featuring Beyonce and WAP by Cardi B featuring Meg dominating 2020, it seems that Sevyn Streeter just had to add to the heap.

Though, to be honest, after hearing “HMU”, who can blame her? The singer shows no shame in inventing her own lane of bouncy, flirtatious bops with emotional substance.

The “It Won’t Stop” singer floated in our heads late last week with the release of her latest single, overflowing with classic hi-hats and enviable falsetto riffs. While it serves a conventionally board mood at its surface, toward its core is a notable fear.

Coi Leray – I Like It ft. Kiana Lede & Sevyn Streeter

She depicts her love life as a pleasure too delicate to stand the test of time. Anchored between the striking conflict of desiring a connection but fearing its consequences, Streeter seems to know she is bound for a mixed bag of emotions and fears suffering an imbalance.

She repeats in the song’s hook, “Late night, hit me up. Tell the truth, I wanted to. This ain’t love, keep it cool. This ain’t love, you know what’s up.”

Her words convey momentous changes to have taken place internally since the 2017 release of her album, Girl Disrupted, which would leave fans wanting more for years.

If the skin-baring, tongue-in-cheek visuals of the music video to “HMU” are any indication of her mindset, Sevyn Streeter is primed to be more raw and vulnerable with fans than ever before.

Written by Leaker

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